Cashwagon Review

Loan Amount
10-30 days
% Rate
1,86% per day
  • Between 21 to 50 years old;
  • Only ID number
Apply is a rising fintech company launched in 2017. It provides various kinds of financial products. For only 3 years it managed to earn trust for almost 3 million people in Asia. This service is available in Sri Lanka, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam.

Loan limitsFrom Rs. 5 000 to Rs. 50 000 (1st loan up to Rs. 15 000)
Interest rateNew clients aren’t charged
Starting from the 2nd loan – APR 216,12%
Loan termFrom 3 to 6 months
Age parameters20 – 60 years old
Requirements– Bank account
– NIC card (National Identity Card)
– Steady income
– Mobile number

How to apply for a loan?

The scheme of applying is utterly effortless. It involves 4 simple steps.

Step #1 – Registration

Fill in the simple form to register on the site (or app). It includes the amount of money you need, loan term and full name with your mobile number. On the next level, it is required to enter personal information (birth date, NIC number, amount of children and e-mail). Then come address and social information. Input only valid information as there is no way to cheat the security system. Falsehood will cut your chances.

Step #2 – Confirmation 

If there is no problem with documents and the information is accurate, SMS with code (8-digit numbers) will be sent on your mobile phone in 20 minutes.

Step #3 – Money receiving

The money will be sent on your account right after confirmation SMS.

Note! You should report to the contact center if you didn’t receive money in an hour after confirmation SMS.

Step #4 – Repayment 

Pay monthly without delays. Check up the most convenient ways below.

How to repay a loan?

There are 3 ways to repay you a loan in Cashwagon:

  • Cash
    Use one of Pay&Go kiosks or Cargills outlets if you want to pay cash. You are to enter the loan agreement number and NIC code. Additional fees for the payment service are possible. Take it into consideration before paying.
  • Online Bank
    You can repay your loan using the “Transfer”/ “New 3rd Party Account Transfer” option in your online banking. It won’t take lots of time, though such a function can be also charged.
  • E-Wallet
    Cashwagon supports the following E-Wallets: Ez Cash,, Pay&Go, SampathBank. Paying with Ez Cash don’t forget to send your payment receipt to clients’ support. Indicate the contract number and repayment amount.
  • Remember, faster you pay off your credit faster you can get a new one.
  • Beware fraudsters! Use only your loan agreement number that was sent via SMS as a confirmation.

Pros and cons of getting a loan in Cashwagon


  • Operation time
    Cashwagon platform is known all over South-East Asia for its speedy service. Confirmation will come not later than on a working day. Well, this will happen much faster of course. More than that, in case of any confusion you can always call/write to the client support (Mon-Sun 8 a.m. – 8 p. m). 
  • App
    Cashwagon mobile app, though available only on Android, won over many customers’ attention. Developers promised faster service for app users and additional options such as 24/7 access to your loan status and more.
  • Low requirements
    Everything is needed for application you already have in your pocket. So, no more additional documents or collaterals.
  • Easy application
    As you’ve already noticed Cashwagon is trouble-free and extremely client-oriented. Their predominant mission is to deliver their financial products in an easy and fluent way. Fast application process is definitely one of the main advantages. 4 simple steps won’t get much trouble.  
  • 100% legal service 
    Unlike skeptics claim financial companies aren’t frauds. Along with banks fintech companies, today are equal participants of the financial market. Cashwagon is one of the most trusted lenders in Sri Lanka. It is earned the best use of technology awards in Finance Sector according to SAPS. Also in 2019, it was awarded by International Business Magazine as Fastest growing company. More than that its work is regulated by authorities and Cashwagon has a SO 9001 certificate. So you have all reasons to believe this company.  


  • Steady income confirmation
    Lots of people today work online or have no official income. However, even in a case of emergency, they are not allowed to get a loan I a Cashwagon company.
  • Age limit
    Pensioners are not allowed to borrow money with this resource, which is considered to be a disadvantage for some of them.
  • Non-adaptable loan term
    You can choose only between 3/4/5/6 months. No other alternatives are available.
  • No app for Apple
    This option is currently developing.


Cashwagon is a young and trustworthy financial company in South-East Asia. Every day it gains more and more clients due to its simple applying and repaying system along with well-trained staff. 

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